The "Is It Spring Yet" Mocktail

We had one 60-degree day last week, and suddenly I'm in full on IS IT SPRING YET mode. You know what I mean, where all you pin on Pinterest are florals, and you're hoping that someday soon those pasty pale legs will get to see the the sun again. That's me. Right here. And so I'm sharing this drink mix that will help us get through February to the long-awaited sunshine and warmth of spring.

What you need:
--1 can of lemonade concentrate
--1 bottle of club soda
--half a bottle of white grape juice
--half a lemon
--blueberries, as a garnish

What you do:
1. Add 1 part juice.
2. Stir in half the lemonade concentrate.
3. Pour in the club soda slowly so you don't lose the fiz!
4. Mix all the ingredients, squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice and add the blueberries!

It's that easy. Feel free to add a bit of raspberry vodka, or you could add a sweet white wine instead of the juice.

I was first introduced to this drink at a party where there were kids, so they wanted a kid-friendly alternative (to the sangria and other delicious mixed drinks for the adults). This is ALSO perfect for letting those of us driving home still feel like they're drinking something fancy. 😉 

How excited are you for spring? What's your favorite spring drink? 

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