Minimalist Gallery Wall Printables

Over the weekend, I had hoped to finish up our mini gallery wall in the living room. (That's why I made this watercolor wreath, to use in the gallery wall!)

Instead, it was glorious outside so I went on a walk with my sisters-in-law, took Aiden to the park with Devin, and went out to dinner with Devin & friends! With the time that I did have to finish arranging the different things for the wall, I actually worked on a printable to add to the gallery wall mix. Here's what I've come up with--minimalist, and perfect for our little house & reminding us to focus on God. 

And no, that section of wall still isn't done yet. Maybe if this week's rainy and cold it'll actually get done 😉  

Download them here:

Love Grows Best 1 (Landscape)

Love Grows Best 2 (Portrait)

The Glory of God 1 (Portrait)

The Glory of God 2 (Landscape)

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What have you been decorating with recently? 

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