Dry Erase Notes........That You Could Also Use On Valentine's

Stickerapp gave me free stickers for this post, but obviously I wouldn't use them if they weren't amazing! And that's my honest opinion. Because they're seriously the best. 

Devin and I have a tradition of writing ridiculous, embarrassing things on our dry-erase board that sticks to our fridge, for all to see. That gave me the idea, why not do the same thing for Valentine's? Except instead of random inside jokes, these two ideas are for love notes you get to re-write...as often as you want.

I could spend $5 on a Hallmark card..........or I could write "I love that we take turns changing Aiden's disaster diapers" and "I love laughing at naive home-renovators on HGTV with you."

And you just can't get that in a Hallmark card.

(I could make something more heartfelt, cause Lord knows I love an excuse to make a hand-made card. But sometimes a guy needs a lighthearted, ongoing note. Right?)

Method 1 
Stickerapp. (I've mentioned them here, and that's because their custom stickers and labels are good quality and a great price. We use them on the back of Wild Cedar Co. signs!)

Click the glossy finish, and upload a graphic or photo--here's the graphic I designed & used.

Stick it to your fridge, and you've got the cutest dry-erase sticker ever!

Method 2
Dig out your favorite wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, etc.

Stick it in any frame, and use a whiteboard marker to write each other little notes!

Make your own mini dry erase boards for leaving notes for your spouse...that you can re-write over and over!

Here's to more ways to write funny notes, whether for Valentine's Day or otherwise. Yay!

I get bonus points for making them pink, right?

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