Family Beach Day

My parents, my 3 siblings, me and my kids all ventured to Belmar, NJ this past weekend for a belated Mother's Day beach trip for my mom. Poor Devin had to work so he missed out, but there will be plenty more opportunities for him to help me slather sunscreen on the kids and keep Riley from dipping sandwiches in the sand. 😉I didn't take enough pictures (literally didn't even manage to get one of my mom with my kids!), but here are the few snapshots I got. 

Aiden loved the ocean and despite the water being 59 degrees, he ran and chased waves for hours. Emma wouldn't go in the ocean last summer unless Devin/I were physically holding her up in our arms, and this summer? She got her feet wet, and didn't even scream when a wave knocked her over! 

Riley loved the sand, wasn't a fan of the cold water, and was so happy all day despite not getting a nap!

Some favorite moments: my dad pushing Emma on the beach playground swing, Aiden rushing into the ocean with Becky, Emma spontaneously hugging Lisa repeatedly, and Riley making silly noises with Dan, my mom and I sitting at the water's edge and watching my little ones play. 

^obligatory awkward family photo after I forgot to get one on the actual beach! 😆

Are you a beach person? 

What's your favorite part of a beach day?

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