Snapshots from South Carolina

Should I be sorry for basically just dumping all these photos in one post? Perhaps.....but I am not. ;)

I shared last week about how I made a trip to South Carolina more affordable and how I'm now a STRONG believer in weekend trips away! Visiting with Susannah, Robyn, and Stephanie was such a joy. (If you use Airbnb for the first time, use my referral link and we'll both save some money.) Really, it's not about doing expensive things but who you're with! That's really what made these things so fun. 

There was lots of driving between events and back to our Airbnb house, and we started doing Car Questions (and I'm using capital letters because it's Very Official.) One of us would ask a long-answer question, like "how did you meet your spouse?" or "what does your ideal weekend look like?" and it was so fun getting to know each other even more, hearing each others' answers! Our Car Questions tradition was probably one of my favorite things, even though the destination we were driving to was supposed to be the exciting part!

And now, evidence of all the fun things you can do cheaply when you explore a new place: 

Downtown Greenville  (#YeahThatGreenville)
Spill the Beans coffee, beautiful bridges, and lots of great places to eat!

Skytop Orchard
Open pavilion with delicious donuts, cider, apples, hornets, etc., along with orchards for apple-picking, farm animals, and a bamboo forest. 

Bald Rock & Exploring State Parks
Caesar's Head overlook and Devil's Kitchen path between two enormous rocks, Bald Rock with spray paint alllllll over it and a pretty view

Whew, how much scrolling did it take to get to this point?! Good for you if you got to the end of this marathon photo dump of a post. You're a real trooper and deserve an award. 

What fun areas have you visited lately, locally or faraway?
See another snapshots post I shared when we visited Ocean City, MD (and how crazy that Emma wasn't even born yet!)

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