Our Six Year Anniversary

We got married June 3, 2012, a day that had thunderstorms in the morning which gave way to beautiful, warm sunshine, allowing us to have our ceremony and photos outside. Every single June 3rd since has been cold and/or rainy here in Philly, so it's clear just how generous God was with the weather that day. (Our ceremony / our reception.)

Devin and I decided to do a whole-family "anniversary day trip," since we had just celebrated his birthday just the two of us. We had a few ideas, but spontaneously decided to go to an amusement park 1.5 hours away. Spending the overcast, cool day all together was glorious, along with riding on the ferris wheel, monorail, and other kid-friendly rides. Devin and I laughed a lot and carried our babies and pushed the stroller up lots of hills and ate ice cream and it was all just so wonderful.

After our fun and tiring-in-the-best-way day, we put the kids to bed and (to the sexy soundtrack of Renovation Realities, DIY channel's best renovation dumpster fire) talked about what our favorite parts of marriage are. We discussed what areas we both need to grow in, and we both listed what we're excited about for in the future. In the stillness of conversations before bedtime, being real about our successes and failures and the challenges: that right there is how I want to reflect on our six years of marriage.

6 years down, 74 more to go 😉 

(Let's talk about how hard it is to get a picture with little kids WHEN THEY'RE ACTUALLY SMILING. Clearly we've got more goals to add to the list for this next year! Haha)

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