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Last week, we celebrated Devin's 26th birthday, and then the next weekend we celebrated our anniversary (which I just wrote about), so it feels like it's been a big month already! We're about to have friends come stay with us, which is absolutely the better version of a "staycation": we get to see our friends without anyone having to pay for a hotel! Be prepared for alllll the photos next week ðŸ˜‰ 

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We have zero summer travel plans, and I'm totally ok with it! Our beach vacation last year wasn't really restful (thanks to having an active toddler that doesn't like to sleep in strange places), so I'm planning lots of day trips to the people even travel other places besides to the ocean? Nahh...

This is a great reminder that we actually need to start grilling! I hate mosquitos so going outside to cook sounds like a punishment...but, if ever we suck it up and do grill, I'd probably make these shrimp skewers!

Hopefully some local greenhouses this weekend! Also on my list is new parks, playgrounds, and farmer's markets I've never been to. (Philly friends, the farmer's market at Clark Park is super legit!)

Mint, cilantro, lemon grass, sage, and basil in a new raised garden bed that Devin made me for Mother's Day! (I totally should have added "build your mom a raised garden bed" to my list of Mother's Day gift ideas that won't collect dust on her shelf. Duh. ðŸ˜‰ )

Competitive cornhole. Once we put Aiden & Emma to bed around 7 pm, Devin and I grab our drinks and head for the backyard. We usually make bets ("if I win, I want...") and most of them are unrepeatable for this blog. Haha!

In the photo below, I told Aiden, "Go show Emmy that leaf you found!" and he replied me, "She not to eat it" (a.k.a. she's not allowed to eat it). Then he plopped down next to her and I snapped a picture before he ran off to throw his leaf in the creak:

What have you been up to lately?

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