Currently // September 2017

Yesterday, I was at the beach in the glorious 85-degree sunshine, enjoying the post-Labor-Day perks of no beach tag fees, free parking, smaller crowds. This morning, I'm curled up in bed listening to a thunderstorm and looking over what I've been up to recently. birthday this month! I'm turning 26. Is that old? (Thanks to blogging, I can look back at turning 24 and turning 25)

Watching....Scrubs. It's time for my and Devin's yearly re-watch of that favorite sitcom. It's a fall thing, for us, and I TRIIIIED to have him wait until the baby came in the beginning of Oct. to start the show, but he was too excited. Understandably. It's the best. sister-in-law's baby into the world! She had him a week ago and he's just the most precious thing. Definitely getting me excited for our baby's debut in 5-6 weeks.

Preparing...for baby #2. And by preparing, I mean that when I wake up at 4am to pee and can't fall back to sleep, I lowkey research things like "ways to recover from an emergency c-section." It's perfectly logical to read articles on something that may or may not even happen to you, just so you feel more prepared, right???? RIGHT?

Photographing...this date night. After saving up from sponsored posts & Wild Cedar Co. profits for a new camera, I now won't have to use my ancient yet otherwise totally functional iPhone to take pictures. I'm excited, though it's way harder than I thought to shoot in manual. (I'm struggling to recall all the aperture/shutter speed/etc. things I learned in high school photography of those times I wish I paid more attention!)

What have you been up to lately? 

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