Perks to Living In the Same Area Your Whole Life

When people find out that Devin and I both grew up in the same area we now live, I automatically feel like I need to explain that we're not ambition-less weirdos who are stuck here. For some reason, I feel almost embarrassed when someone asks about it. But, like Audrey talks about in this post, if a place feels like home and you love it there, why would you leave?

Where I'm from 

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved two blocks outside the city when I was 7 or 8. When I was 16, I learned to drive the insane highways downtown by driving the family to our center city church on Sunday mornings. My friends lived in different parts of the city, and I could parallel park the family mini-van almost anywhere.

Devin and I grew up 15 minutes away from each other, and met freshman year at the local high school, which had about 1,300 kids in it (does that make our suburb a small town?). We now live 5 minutes from that high school, but it's not because we're adventure-hating, homebody-weirdos who are afraid to pack up and move to a totally new state.

Why we've stayed

Our church is here, Devin's job is here, I finished college here & my job was here, and our families and friends are here. Why would we move away from all the people we love? I totalllyyyy understand moving for a job, but if that's not necessary, I don't see any reason for us to leave everyone who makes this place special.

The perks to staying in the same area you grew up in

1. You run into people you went to high school with around holidays when they're back to visit, and you get to either A) awkwardly duck behind something and avoid eye contact or B) smile big and ask them what they've been up to. Let's pretend I always pick B. 😉 

2. You know where everything is: the best tacos, the fastest routes during rush hour, which salon to never let cut your hair, the coffee shop that's exactly halfway between you and your best friend, etc.

3. You can still travel and visit far-off cities, without having to pack up all you own in a u-haul.

4. You are familiar with different parts of the town/city, which makes buying a house easier! You don't have to trust a real estate agent to do all your fact-finding when you go to buy or rent a know the different neighborhoods, and (if you're like us and love looking at houses on you know a well-priced house when you see one.

5. Investing in people feels freer. Hear me out on this one: because I feel settled in where I am, I find I'm more likely to reach out and form/maintain close friendships. I'm not thinking, "well, I'll be gone in a year anyway so why bother..." when someone new asks to hang out (like this random play date I mentioned last week!).

P.S. That skyline photo of Philly doesn't really represent where we live, considering we don't have some luxury downtown condo. But, it felt appropriate since living just outside the city has been so fun and convenient for us! (Plus, what picture would accurately represent a suburb? A driveway? A tiny post office? You tell me!)

What do you think? Does staying in the same area for so many years feel limiting? Have you moved a lot? I want to hear your perspective on this! 

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