DIY New Mom Gift Basket

My dear friend Moriah brought me something like this in the first two weeks of having Aiden, and it was the sweetest, most well-thought out gifts that made me feel loved and cared for...and I was wildly impressed she picked such practical things since she'd never had a baby! I wouldn't have even thought to ask for some of these things, but she somehow gathered everything I needed and put it together in a cute basket. I've done these for my 2 friends who had babies this summer, and it seemed to be a hit with them, too, so here's what I suggest...

Why this gift will make you her bestest friend:

She just pushed out a human and is now recovering from something that even the most honest Pinterest articles couldn't prepare her for. People might stop by with meals (and those that do are real winners) or with cute baby clothes, because that squishy baby is now the center of everyone's attention. However, she's still a person and deserves to be celebrated, too! When everything on your body hurts and you're running on 2 hours of sleep, you need a little gift that says, "you're a champ and I love you."

What I included:

1. Nursing pads (for the nursing mama), especially good in the first few weeks as her body gets used to how much milk to make. Maybe she got some ahead of time, maybe she didn't. Either way, she'll go through the disposable ones quickly so having some extra on hand will be a lifesaver (especially on Sundays when she can't sneak out of the church service fast enough to nurse when her milk comes in).

2. Body scrub. This one is my personal favorite scent for bodywash, to make her feel pampered.

3. Sparkling cider (or non-alcoholic wine). Best enjoyed after a long day, to celebrate being a mom, etc. (Why not real wine? Wine + nursing a newborn who demands food at irregular intervals is tricky!)

4. Seasonal-specific candle & nail polish. Like the body scrub, this goes along with the "treat yo' self" line of thinking.

5. Hand sanitizer. Not as much for you, new mom, but for those germy visitors to use when they come in. Or, yes it is actually for you to apply up to the elbows after a blow-out poop.

6. A useful container/basket she can reuse. This CAN go in a gift bag, but you'll be doing her a favor by putting it all in some sort of basket that she can use to hold diapers, tiny baby shoes, etc.

Other ideas:

1. Healthy snacks she can eat with one hand while nursing. Think: grapes, that good trail mix with lots of chocolate, etc.

2. A new water bottle. Nursing at the demands of a feisty 4-day-old makes you insanely thirsty.

3. An easy, fun Nicholas Sparks-y paperback. No thinking required, just a quick read while you nurse (in case your eyes are going to fall out of your head if you watch one more episode of Parks & Rec while nursing).

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Whether or not you've had a baby, what are some of your favorite gifts to get? 

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