2 Styles of DIY Notecards

Thank you to @StickerApp for the products to review--I honestly LOVE them!

It's no secret that I like making cards. I've made ombre notecards, friendsgiving place cards, Valentine's Day cards...but I just discovered something that makes DIY-card-making so much easier.

And stickers!! (I sound like I'm 6. I realize that. Let's move on.)

Using each method, you'll end up with 2 sets of as many notecards as you'd like. Here's what I did:

Watercolor notecards
--Paint a bunch of simple designs on plain paper (I just used printed paper), and set it aside to dry

--Fold/cut cardstock to the proper size according to whatever envelopes you have on hand

--Once the watercolor designs have dried, cut them out, round the edges, and just glue them to the front of the card. (You could even add a cut-out design to the front of your envelope to make it match the card!)

+Bonus: use the watercolor design as a backdrop for adding some words like "Happy birthday!" or "YAY!" or "Keep your dog of my yard!" (Jk, because grumpy old men don't make watercolor cards.)

Sticker-decorated notecards:
This method takes more design time on the computer, but once you've ordered your stickers, the card-making literally takes SECONDS.

--Design custom stickers over at StickerApp (remember when I shared about the laptop skin I got from their affiliate, CaseApp?! Still in LOVE.) I used graphics downloaded as a weekly freebie from the Creative Market.

--Create a corresponding to/from customized label to stick on the envelope.

--Once they come in the mail, stick them right on your cardstock card! It's SO easy!

You can even get 20% off your order at StickerApp using the code HOPEFULHOOD20 (until Sept. 15).

What would you use to design your own cards? Want some happy mail from me?! I'd love to send you a card! :)

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