Open Letters // Round 5

I can’t believe this marks 6 months of this link-up! It’s been so fun, and I’ve LOVED getting to read your letter posts--I really mean that!! Thank you to everyone who joined in, left comments, and encouraged me to start this.

Since this is our “grand finale,” we’ve got TWO cohosts, and both are such great blogger friends to me. Jacqui at Drink the Day is from Philadelphia like me, and she writes really inspiring posts from favorite drink mixes, to DIYs (like this super creative ombre embroidered hat tutorial!!), to places around Philly she’s visited.

Kelly at Primarily Inspired had baby Greyson right around the same time I had Aiden, which has made it so fun to go back and forth reading each other's’ pregnancy- and baby-related posts! She also writes about her faith, delicious recipes (including these cucumber-infused cocktails!, and their travels through California and beyond!
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Dear Companies like Victoria’s Secret & Old Navy who send emails DAILY,
I subscribed because I wanted to know about the sales, which clearly does not mean I’ll be shopping every day. Why is a daily email even an option?! Shout-out to all you companies who have emails automatically sent out on a WEEKLY basis--you’re the real MVPs.

Dear People who read books on a consistent basis,
Teach me your ways. I started out so strong with reading when Aiden was born (and I was nursing 24/7) but now I’m I’ll read “later.” Which never really happens. HOW DO YOU ALL DO IT?! I want to be a reader, but it just isn’t happening. Do you read before bed? In the mornings? I want to know all the tips.

To my dear sister Lisa who has just left to study abroad,
I miss you already. To console myself, I’ve raided your trendy closet stocked full of clothes that didn’t fit in your one suitcase you took to Chile. Since I’m a mom that means I’m out of touch and over here wearing low rise jeans as if that’s still a thing (paired with ugly running shoes, duhh.) ;) But actually, I hope you have a great trip. Don’t meet a Spanish boy though because I’d love for you to live in the States. Thanks.
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Now, to the link-up!

The whole point of this link-up is to form community and meet some new bloggers, so don't drop your link and run!

1. Add a link to any post in the form of a letter!
2. Comment on the post right before yours.
3. Link back to your hosts (me, Kelly & Jacqui)

Want to start a new link-up or some sort of collaboration? I'm ready for the next adventure! Email me if you've got ideas!

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