Air for Free // Relient K's Latest

A while back I shared the newest CD from one of my favorite artists, Jenny & Tyler, and today I'm so excited to talk about Relient K's newest album!

Relient K has been my favorite band since I was in 5th grade and Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek was considered "new"(ish) haha. And then I saw them in concert a million times (mild exaggeration), and here I am at 24 still in love with their music. Except I've let go the dream of marrying Matt Thiessen. I even wrote about how much I love RK here.

That's why it's SO SO EXCITING when your favorite band keeps coming out with new music! This CD is funny (go listen to their song about Ohio called "Mrs. Hippopotamus" HA), it has those sweet harmonies, and it's full of witty lyrics that Matt Thiessen is great at writing. Some of my favorite lyrics from the album go like this:

I yelled in the wind
He came rolling back to sweep me off my feet
I cried to the rain
He came pouring down to drown my disbelief

I believe in God, I believe in God

Have I convinced you to go buy the $10 CD yet?
Listen to the song "Bummin'" if you still need some convincing.

 What's your favorite band? What's your favorite song from this album? 

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