Date Night With a Baby

Date nights with a baby are exactly the same as date nights before having a baby...if before you had a baby your incontinent, senile grandparent used to tag along. You have to go somewhere quiet and somewhere cheap (in case you have to sprint out in the middle of a meal), and you have to be prepared to change diapers and soothe temper tantrums all while trying to feed yourself and sometimes them.

Here are my tips for making date nights happen with a little one in tow (though maybe when Aiden starts running around/screaming from teething I might have to come back and officially apologize for ever thinking we could go out with a baby):

For going out to eat: 

1. Settle for different restaurants. Turns out that people judge you when you bring a baby to a bar. Start thinking more along the lines of Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday's, that sort of thing. OR...

2. Pick a restaurant with outdoor seating. The baby's random fussing will either A) be drowned out from the other spring-enjoying eaters or B) not bother anyone because maybe not that many people want to swat bees away from their meal while they eat so everyone's inside.

3. Stay in and order pizza.

For all other activities:
I can't pretend to know what you're about. Hence the general category. 

1. Bring an extra set of clothes. For the baby, but maybe for you, too, depending on what you're doing. (Slip n slides? Paintball? Jk, don't bring a baby to paintball. People will definitely judge you.)

2. Bring baby-carrying options. Stroller, baby wrap, etc. I CRUSHED IT at mini-golf with Aiden strapped to my body. By "crushed it" I mean that I lost but it was still fun.

3. Don't care too much what other people think. Like the high school couple's whose PDA runs unchecked, you have to loosen up and laugh it off when your baby makes astronomically loud diarrhea squirt noises as someone tries to neatly eat spaghetti at a nearby table.

4. Keep teething toys and a nursing cover close at all times. (Or a bottle, or whatever means you use to infuse your child with nutrients.)

If you want to see some grade-A newbie blogging, go read my post from 2013 where I share a grainy picture in our unfinished living room and talk about how date nights are a good idea. (Laugh with me, will you?) Also, I shared this on Instagram on how much I love our date nights. :) Clearly, I feel very strongly about going out and doing fun (and usually inexpensive) things with my husband.

What are your thoughts on date nights with kids? Any fun suggestions for spring/summer things to do with a spouse or friends?

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