A Converted Attic Reno // The Details

Shout-out to D. Lawless Hardware for making the finishing touches on this renovation possible. Every guest bedroom needs a shiny doorknob that locks, and you can support family-owned businesses by buying theirs, which are the best! That's my honest opinion.

Last time I shared this space, there was no baseboard trim, no decorations, and no curtains. There are still no curtains. (Did you know a table cloth makes a great double window curtain?) I'm hoping to do something about that over the summer, but since the rest of the space is finished...might as well share it, right?

This space is multipurpose: family area, guest room, office/craft space...anything else I could add to that list? ;) We're sporting the world's first TV (only $20! Ha!), a twin bed, futon, recliner, old piano bench to hold cook books, an unpainted coffee table that Devin BUILT WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS (I'm so impressed), and a hand-me-down table in the back. (Our coffee tables always go unpainted for a period of time.)

I'm picturing this space holding game nights, friends who visit (like Megan! Who came and stayed here), family movie nights. I just can't wait! Invite yourself over! We've got more space now! ;) 

What would you turn an attic space into? 

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