Aiden // 3-ish months

Let's start with this: I should be reading more "baby's first year" books. It's not for lack of books, that's for sure. I have quite a few of them that I got as hand-me-downs and gifts. However, part of me wants to experience all of Aiden's developments and growth without "reading ahead" on the script, which seems like cheating.

Since I'm not reading all the child development books, that leaves me to marvel and celebrate all of Aiden's growth, as each milestone is a happy surprise. "Look at him smile!" "He rolled over!" Happy surprises, right?

And yet I still can't help but immediately question everyone around me who has a baby less than a year old. Your kid is 6 months? What can he do?! I see your baby is crawling--how old is she?! While I want my little one's development to be a happy surprise, I also want a real-life picture of what's ahead (that I didn't have to read to acquire). Sorry, all you moms at church who I accost with questions when you mention your baby is ___ number of months old.

I'm overthinking this. I should just read the books.

And, since I'm a mom, I want to document all the changes. (But not on a monthly-post basis because that would get overwhelming.)

At 3-ish months (because I refuse to count life in weeks, once he hit 1 month....and when he hits a year, I'll do even more rounding because "my kid is 92 months old!" is a license to get punched in the face), Aiden...

--sleeps all night. At most, he wakes up twice a night.
--can lay on his stomach, holding his head up for 30 mins at a time. He's so close to holding his head up on his own all the time!
--weighs about 15 pounds (because you know I hate exact measurements; see every recipe I've ever written).
--can roll over from his stomach to his back, AND back to stomach.
--laughs when you laugh. Even when I fake laugh, he laughs. Also, the smiles.
--smiles when Jake the enormous German shepherd licks his face.
--sleeps with his head tilted really far back. How is that comfortable?!

Do you like reading all the guides/manuals, or do you like taking things as they come? Any cute babies in your life right now?

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