A Look at Leviticus

You may not know but I LOVE the OT (not overtime, duh).  I helped lead VBS during lots of summers (one of which was this safari themed one!), and we usually tried to use obscure Old Testament stories in creating each day's lesson. Want to talk about Benaiah and Jehu's driving and Ehud the lefty? I'm down.

I've been reading through the Old Testament (a challenge presented to me by my dear friend who made this sign for the nursery), and I just finished Leviticus.

Here's just a few things that stuck out to me: 

1. For lots of reasons, I'm so thankful Jesus came. Also because it means I don't have to bring animals to be killed every time I mess up.

2. Don't shy away from uncomfortable or confusing passages. Read them, study them, and reflect on what God is saying to you through his Word.

3. God's people were to be set apart. They had health codes and moral laws that distinguished them from the surrounding nations. How am I living in a way that's different from the people around me?

4. The whole book points towards God's holiness. How the priests had to cleanse themselves before entering the temple, all the different sacrifices...though it's so refreshing to know God calls us friends, I need to approach him with awe and the reverence he deserves (as opposed to a casual, "oh hey, thanks for forgiving me for ____").

5. I'd be great at keeping the don't-eat-blood rule. I like my burgers welllllll-done.

What have you been reading recently? 

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