open letters

inspired by a section in this book i started reading in january

dear tj maxx cashier,
thank you for not judging me when i show up at the counter with just a bottle of nail polish and a screaming baby. i know it seems like i probably didn't run the 5k mentioned on my t-shirt, and i know it seems like i am a frazzled mom who just needed to get out of the house, but really the shopping trip was part of my plan for the day. and i'm only buying nail polish because i'm too cheap to get something else.

dear jake my oversized german shepherd,
i'm impressed at how quickly you made the entire backyard smell like a sewer pipe had burst. i especially appreciate your impeccable timing at dropping that enormous dump while i was trying to have a bonfire with megan while she visited. really, the fact you single-handedly (pawedly?) overcame that smoky fire smell is impressive.

dear employees of my grocery store,
the fact that you guys have a discount bakery section will 1) keep me happy and 2) ensure that i will always fit my maternity leggings (that i still wear because they are glorious). a dozen donuts that still taste fresh for only $2.24? i'm in love. and a quick shout-out to my husband for not openly mocking me when i say that i got the donuts for him (when in reality i participate in the entire box's quick demise just as much as he does).

who would you write a letter to? would you want to join in if i made this "open letter" idea a monthly link-up? have you also crushed a dozen donuts at record-breaking speeds? (yeah, me neither.) 

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