new favorite: the arcadian wild

my sister lisa (the real music aficionado--i'm just a pretender) introduced me to these guys, and they really fit with my current music kick: all sons and daughters, jenny and tyleri am they...if you like mumford and sons or the lumineers, then you'll probably like the arcadian wild. they sound different from mumford/the lumineers, but they all have that banjo sound that goes along with being "alternative folk" (as itunes labels it. i can't pretend to know enough about music to go around labeling bands with different genres.)

(if i were going to label bands with different genres, i'd use categories like "twangy amateurs" and "musicians that probably wash their socks once a month.")

ANYWAY. the arcadian wild's band members went to my sister's college, and they are SO GOOD. banjos, a cello, harmonies, impeccable lyrics, and a hopeful vibrancy to their whole sound.

the song "roots" has some of my favorite lyrics:

listen to them (while you go make coffee or find some clean socks so you aren't part of that genre that only washes their socks once a month) below, or at their website where they have their whole cd uploaded for you!

what have you been listening to lately? 

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