our love story // part 2

part 1 of our love story started in high school, which brings us to high school graduation/the first half of my college career. (or, skip ahead to part 3!)

since devin completed the tech program our school offered (going half-days for 2 years to do the electrician program), he knew exactly what field he wanted t work in. he had even completed an internship with a local electrician, so when graduation came, he was ready to work for a commercial electrical company. 

i, however, knew i wanted to be a high school english teacher (ha! funny how God changes our plans), which meant college. in our senior year, when the time came for me to pick a college, devin supported me in every way (even though i was originally considering a school 17 hours away!). i decided on this lovely new england college called gordon, determined not to let that 8-hour trip be the end of our relationship. 

fall, my freshman year: he drove up with my family to help move me into the dorms, and then he flew up once a month to visit (thank you, southwest airlines, and your cheap boston-philly flights). we had so much fun exploring downtown boston and the local beaches near gordon every time he visited. 

freshman year of college was a real growing time for me and for our relationship. dating long-distance was hard, and while i entered a world of late-night donut runs and carefree living, devin had already started his career at age 18. it was strange, my being in that college bubble while he was maturely doing "real life." fall of my freshman year we argued about the future of our relationship--would we eventually get married? should we wait til after i graduated to get married? would i do 4 years at gordon? should i transfer to a school in philly since he's the one with the job? he was sure about us getting married before i was (which was awkward), but i also arrived at the same conclusion after lots of prayer and realizing none of the guys i knew came even close to how amazing and godly devin is. 

a visit to boston celebrating my birthday

one of devin's visits to gordon, when it was warm!

another of his trips to massachusetts, exploring local parks

winter break, my freshman year: after praying about all those questions and the future of our relationship, we approached our pastors and parents over winter break (of my freshman year), asking for their input and wisdom about the fact that we wanted to get married....before i graduated college. surprisingly (since we were 18 and 19!), they all said yes and that they'd be praying for us. 

i still remember standing around in my dining room late one night, asking my parents what they thought of my marrying devin before i graduated. my dad teared up and said that decision was not for everyone but that he could see we were responsible and mature enough to get married. it was precious, but also nerve-wracking to bring the topic up!!!

our first ski trip, winter break in philly

since devin was working full-time, we calculated that we could get engaged over summer break and then get married after my sophomore year at gordon. then, i'd transfer to a college in philly. since those winter break conversations with the wise people in our lives went so well..........

well, that's part 3. :)

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