new domain! // and other blog goals

woohoo! I'M FEELIN' PRETTY LEGIT. did you notice that lovely little url up there? i no longer have that .blogspot tagging along on my blog. it took some bravery in trying to figure out all that CNAME (am i even saying the right word?) stuff, but thanks to lots of online tutorials i figured it out.

in trying to step up my game for this fun hobby of sharing ideas with you cool people, i've come up with things i'd like to do in the upcoming months. some are design-based, but others are content-based. and, as always, thanks for coming by and creating a community here in this space. :)

1//  get my own domain

2// redesign my header

3// create an email subscription panel in my sidebar

4// add disqus to all my static blog pages (like my about me)

5// new profile picture (and make it the profile picture on all my social media!)

6// join 2 more link-ups! i loved beth's week's end link-up (anyone remember those days?), and now i join in on the circle link-up that kiki hosts (when i remember!!)

7// create category buttons and popular post pictures for my sidebar

8// get better at taking pictures. siiigh.

9// keep posting on a tuesday/thursday/saturday schedule

10// redo my button to go with the new profile picture and blog design changes.

11// host a giveaway

12// create drop-down menus for the top of my blog

what are some of your recent goals? are you a list-maker like me? do you have anything i should add to my blog goals? 

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