a lazy girl's beauty routine

at the risk of alienating myself from all you sweet-smelling, well-manicured ladies out there, it's time for some real talk. i think having someone else paint my nails is a waste of money. if i can't do my hair in less than 10 minutes, i probably won't be doing anything to it at all. backpacking was great because no one made me shower. sometimes i wear mascara and cover-up for the bags under my eyes, but i never replaced my eyeliner that fell under my car seat.

are you grossed out by now? or are you like, "yes! me too! and i can't believe society makes me shave!" (to which i'd reply, sit down, you hippie. i like a smooth calf as much as the next girl.) either way, in case you're still reading, here's my beauty routine: 

1// wash my hair with whatever shampoo & conditioner is in the shower. Recently that's been knockoff head & shoulders, but in the past it's been organix Moroccan argan oil stuff. it was on sale.

2// slather Burt's bees mama butter on my stomach, thighs, chest (and even face). what is fancy face moisturizer for again? someone remind me. 

3// tea tree oil on any spots with ingrown hairs. cute, right? 

4// cocoa butter on my legs because it's what I've got on hand from when, in the first trimester, i freaked out and ran to buy 2 types of cocoa butter to try and avoid stretch marks. 

5// mane and tail spritz on my hair. I splurged when I had long hair and spent like $6 on Amazon getting something I was pretty sure would help my hair grow even longer. 

feel free to follow along all my idealist pins on pinterest (hairstyles that probably take a while, manicures that match seasonal colors, etc.). what's your beauty routine include? 

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