links i love // mom edition

i've decided trying to prepare for motherhood is like trying to prepare for marriage--you can read all the books, devote time to prayer and reflection, set all these goals, but really you won't know what it's actually like til you're actually in it.

that hasn't stopped me from trying to read all the articles and ask moms all the questions i can think of! to help myself (and any of you that may like a good read on motherhood) keep track of all the helpful posts/articles, i've made up this list.

1// how motherhood changed me -- by my blogger friend, olivia. it's so encouraging to hear how God redeems us and makes us more like him through getting to be a parent to a little one.

2// why i don't mind the sleep-deprived newborn stage -- because my baby will need me, and that's a role i don't want to take for granted.

3// mom explains how life changes after pregnancy -- a beautiful description of all the excitement of watching your child pet a soft cat for the first time and the heartbreak of reading about tragedies because what if that had been my child? 

4// parenting advice -- a collection of hysterical tips from one of my favorite bloggers, kate baer. complete with gifs and the tip that your body was made for breastfeeding, labor, c-sections, exhaustion, etc. so you will be ok.

5// tips for rocking life with a newborn -- another blogger friend, haley, who's got super practical advice on breastfeeding and other newborn tips!

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