fun money // vol. 2

a few months ago, i shared this new budget strategy devin and i were using to track our spending in the "wants" (not needs) category. we get $75 a month of "fun money," which can be spent however we want and one person (usually me) can't bother the other person (usually devin) about it.

i nailed it in september, even with the reduced amount from having gone over in august. this left me with the normal $75 for the month of october.

here's how i did last month:

limit: $75

$4 target mug for a friend
$5 dunkin donuts
$10 diner breakfast with megan
$12.75 dinner with gordon friends
$10 random purchase i forgot to label
$15 diner trip
$2 coffee date with christie
$2 smoothie
$5 maternity clothes
$10 milkshake + cd + magnet when i saw sunday muse at a local ice cream shop!


i thought that was pretty good, considering i ate out a bunch when i got to go visit megan! once again, most of my spending is social, like going out to eat with friends/meeting up for coffee (suddenly now that i'm not supposed to have tons of caffeine i really want the stuff!).

any fun purchases made last month? do you have any other budget strategies to suggest? 

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