fall place cards

this past weekend, devin and i hosted friendsgiving for the first time ever! to make it feel more formal (besides the $5 cloth table cloth i got at a thrift store), i made little name cards for everyone. after looking at pin after pin of really elaborate table settings and fancy thanksgiving-themed place cards, i wanted to make something a little simpler.

what you need:
ink (or watercolors if you only have a bright pink inkpad and can't find your markers haha)
brown paper bag or other recycled paper
permanent marker
hot glue gun

what to do:
first, decide the size of your name cards and cut out strips from the brown paper bag. i then decided the guys would get the stamped place cards and the ladies would get cursive, scripty place cards.

so, i dipped each letter stamp into my watercolor (more color than water) and stamped out the guys' cards.

next, i wrote the girls' names on their cards, but that felt too plain! which led to my adding little twine accents. i glued a small dab of hot glue on the underside of the name card and wrapped the twine around the card. that way, the glue isn't seen on the front of the card.

voila! that's it. there are lots of ways to take this idea and make it your own! how would you do names? how could you adapt the place card accents? 

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