teacher style // maternity edition

i've had to mix it up with the few clothing staples that are comfortable, now that my bump is getting bigger! last year, i tried to re-create my pinterest favorites with outfits like this button-down, sweater, blazer combo.
 this year...

-- i've rocked the crap out of this belly band

-- i've tried to dress up stretchy, long shirts with a necklace or scarf. (i still wear sweaters and scarves like it's a required uniform. sorry....?)

-- these maternity tank tops have been a lifesaver because they are a) SO STRETCHY, b) completely opaque, and thick like a normal shirt, c) are cool, so when the heat in my classroom is on blast, i'm not sweating through a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater.

-- i've broken down and gotten more thrifted/on-sale maternity clothes, like stretchy skirts, that striped shirt (first picture on the left), and maternity corduroys.

-- adding a belt has helped me feel more shapeful (that's a word, right?) and less like a blimp.

remember when my "baby bump" was like barely existent but i still couldn't fit in my skirt without leaving it unbuttoned? i'm laughing at my old self. how naive of me to think that rubber band trick would last well into the second trimester. 

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