my trip to MA // reasons to love new england

if you've read any of my posts from during my freshman/sophmore year of college, no doubt megan would be featured in any one of them. she's the one who got me started on blogging, and her blog was my favorite way to hear about her international travels during college! we became best friends within the first 3 days of college, thanks to gordon/field hockey/having old testament together, and i finally got to visit her this past weekend.

during the visit, i was just reminded about all the wonderful things about new england:

1// the beach is always nearby! we visited so many different beaches while i was there, and each one was no more than 20 minutes away.

2// megan lives there. duh. (along with my amazing suitemates, who i also got to see!!!)

3// leaves, fall, orchards and apple-picking opportunities everywhere, and did i already mention the beaches?!

4// there's such a rich history to everything. we visited gloucester (pronounced "gloster/glosta") and the brick walkways and old buildings were beautiful!

have you ever been to the boston area or new england? what are some of your favorite places in the U.S. to visit?

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