boy names my husband will never agree to

real talk: i wouldn't agree to these names, either.

1// clarence

2// walter

3// obadiah juan (nickname: obie juan)

4// eugene

5// harold

6// ehud (so his name would be ehud and his initials would be the same, "e. hood" hahahahahahaha)

7// donald

8// robin (i had to list it so no one would suggest it, as if we would actually name our kid robin hood)

but, on a serious note, i suggested levi (such a strong worshipper name!) and zion, and they both got shot down. in picking a name for our little boy, devin and i have tossed out lots of suggestions, because it's hard to name a person! i'd love for the name to be a strong, under-used old testament name, and in giving it to our son it'd be like, prophetic. devin says the name doesn't make the kid though, that the kid makes the name. i'm still not sure how i feel about that.

can you imagine, little clarence walter hood? i'm dying.

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