25 weeks

// i've gained 15-ish pounds so far, with only a few faint stretch marks on my legs that i'm not even convinced really are stretch marks but might be...?

// bending over really is the worst. i have to sit down to put my socks on, when i drop things it takes a few moments to retrieve them, and even sitting up in bed takes real effort.

// the baby kicks so much during my 6th period prep! i wish he (HE! ahh! still can't believe we know for sure it's a boy!) would kick more when i get home so that devin could feel it more often, but i'm assuming as he gets bigger devin'll get to feel it more.

// to school i've been wearing maternity/stretchy skirts and using this trick on my pants (though i've had to add the belly band). thankfully i've gotten more maternity clothes as gifts, so i've been able to make it work. :)

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