diy pinwheels

my best fraand since 5th grade, moriah, and i got a little crafty this past saturday and decided to try making pinwheels (the end goal being mini bouquets of pinwheels to stick in mason jars!). we listened to pandora's best of today's alternative, talked about the future, and laughed at all our mistakes in doing a craft that shouldn't be that hard. and it wasn't!

what we used:

// cardstock
// popsicle sticks
// hot glue
// brads (but buttons would work, too!)
// scissors

what we did
1// cut any paper into squares. the smaller the square, the smaller (and cuter!) the pinwheel!

2// fold the paper on diagonals. on the creases, measure about 2/3 of the way to the center and draw a little dash (see the picture on the far right):
3// cut on the creases and stop at the little dashes you drew. then, with the newly cut flaps, fold every other flap to the center and use a dab of hot glue to keep the tab there. 

4// continue this process until every other flap has been glued to the center. 

5// glue a button or brad to the center and a popsicle stick to the back. 
and here's a picture of moriah and me (with a special appearance by my ear curls), extra excited. 

have you done any fun fall crafts recently? how would you use pinwheels in decorations?

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