from poppy seed to grapefruit // 6 months

a picture from when the baby was just a poppy seed:

it's mind-blowing to think that in 16 weeks i'll be at my due date, january 30, and hopefully i'll be meeting this baby imminently. all you "the first baby always comes late" folks can keep that line to yourselves, because i've heard it, read the articles, and i'm staying positive that i won't be pregnant for a whopping 42 weeks. (anybody down for spicy thai food and a 6-mile walk on january 29?)

also impressive is the fact that this baby boy already has all his organs and can hear my voice (which he gets to hear all day long when i'm teaching). his little body still needs more of its fat cells, but he's got time to plump up.

speaking of plumping up.....i can barely bend over. i can, but it's really inconvenient and difficult and now i sit down to put on my socks. as if i'm 80. whew. i can't really imagine how huge i'll be in 16 weeks, but by then i probably won't even be able to see my ankles feet to put on socks (so, slippers ever day?).

baby's getting his first trip to boston this weekend! i'm flying up to visit friends from college, and i'm SO EXCIIIITED. it'll be so fun to take him up here again some day when he'll actually remember it! bebito, the massachusetts beaches are 20293 million times better than the jersey shore, so just be ready. 

alriiiiighty. well. this stream of consciousness ramble is over.

have a great weekend, friends!

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