(super cheap) diy ombre cards

remember when i found these cards? well, as cute as the colors are, and especially for $3, i decided to try and dress them up a bit.

you need:
paint chips from home depot/lowe's, etc.
a hot glue gun and glue refills
a good pen

really all you need are the paint chips. we regularly find ourselves at home depot/lowe's, since there's always a house project going on or a tool that needs to be replaced, so a few weeks ago when devin went off to find something (nails? a drill bit? everything's a drill bit), i found myself in the paint aisle. i picked out a few colors from the same row so that they'd all be variations of the same tone, and decided i'd use them for something crafty. well, voila! ombre cards were inspired.

insider tip: i do recommend the hot glue gun though, because most paint cards are pretty thick, and you won't want them to flake off because a glue stick or double sided tape failed you.

i laid them all out, cut up the paint chips (they're free! who cares if i mess them up! i can just get more!) and tried a few different layouts. here's what i came up with! (and if i were really on my A game, i'd have made the twine into something nautical-ish with those blues. oh well!)

have you ever used paint chips for something crafty?

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