lately (or, june in sweaty philadelphia)

hood family baseball (ok, ok it was memorial day weekend. so not june yet.) it was glorious! sunny, my team lost, i hit every ball that came to was great.

ice cream because my sister got a job at an ice cream shop so now date night involves stopping by! also it's been a thousand degrees so ice cream is required. IT REALLY IS SO HOT. our house is so small that devin and i call our 2 window AC units "central air" (insert crying-laughing emoji here.)

my sisters-in-law and i accidentally went for an 8-mile walk one weekend. the wissihickon trail--we just started walking, and eventually decided to turn around and head back. the map my run app confirmed we did 8 miles! aaand, we have a beach day planned for the first weekday of summer.

my first batch of seniors graduated on saturday! and my sister graduated high school last week! and SUMMER starts THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. and the teachers, like in college, processed in with full regalia. hysterical.

what have you been up to lately?

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