muddy feet and live music // creation 2015

last year, my sister lisa convinced me to go to creation with her, and despite the fact i felt like being a senior in college was too old to go to a christian music festival, i went--and had a blast! this year, we bought tickets early were so excited. 

i can't wait to share with you my favorite new bands that i saw at creation, but that'll come in stages (ha! punny! stages, ya get it?). i'm thinking every monday in july will be a new music monday kinda thing. :)

anyway, we went on wednesday and set up our tent in the lovely sunshine...then it rained on thursday...sunny on friday...pouring on friday. it was a weird mix of "grab the sunscreen! no, trade it for trenchfoot and an umbrella!" but we survived, despite our tent's best attempt to drown us. literally, the rainfly on the tent did NOTHING. i woke up saturday morning and put our plastic ponchos over our sleeping bags, as the water dripped straight from the top of the tent onto us.

we saw switchfoot and rend collective in the rain, we met lecrae before his show, and we walked about 8 miles a day from our campsite to the different stage areas. (the best exercise is by accident, right??) it was GLORIOUS.

my favorite part of the music festival--besides spending time with my amazing sister--was getting to hear new bands, especially the ones that did acoustic performances at this 1 acoustic stage (as opposed to the main stage, and a small nearby stage "the fringe stage.")

have you ever been to creation or a music festival? what's your newest favorite band? 

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