let's encourage.

i'm terrible at keeping up with friends. 

it's not that i don't care--i do! but i let silly things like dishes-homework-laundry get in the way and suddenly i've forgotten that i was supposed to write and mail a letter to someone like, 2 weeks ago. 

did you guys see beth's sunday post challenge where she encouraged us to send happy mail each sunday? i did the first week, and then, once again, forgot and got distracted. but what if encouraging others wasn't another thing on my to-do list, and instead, encouraging someone was a priority? 

i stumbled upon these cards and stamps in target's $1 section that is now a $1 and $3 display--worth it! now, i'm on my own unofficial letter-writing challenge, where i'm going to make this a guilt-free priority...a.k.a if i write only one note a month, it'll be ok! but i'm placing more of an emphasis on letting the people around me--and the ones far away!--know that i care. whether it's a kind comment or a handwritten note to a friend about to graduate college half a state away, i want to send love. (anyone ever read the secret life of bees? where august tells the narrator not to be scared of the swarm of bees around them, but to send the living things around them love.) wellp, that's my literary reference of the day. 

are you with me? let's encourage. 

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