five twitter favorites

i follow a lot of bloggers on twitter, and i love getting reminders of all the cool posts out there! but, to mix it up, i also follow these twitter accounts which are as entertaining as me trying to eat a salad neatly (read: very entertaining). some of these are fairly obscure #sorrynotsorry and maybe you'll read these and be like...womp womp, i should have spent that time tweezing my eyebrows instead. and if that's you, leave a comment with suggestions for who else i should follow! :)

@ christian hipster
all that ironic christian subculture wrapped up in one satiral twitter account. if you know who sufjan stevens is, coffee/chaco sandals are your favorites, and you can sing a few veggie tale songs, this is for you.

@ church curmudgeon
curmudgeon was just a vocab word for my students--and basically it's a bad-tempered grumps. i picture an angry old man. and this twitter is focused on church humor. (should i start apologizing now for how much i love christian culture jokes?)

@ why kids cried
some of their tweets are stupid spammy retweets, but definitely scroll through and favorite all the ones about things kids have said/reasons kids have cried. this is one of my favorites.

@ andy mineo
he's a rapper, but he's also really funny.

@ you're a relient k fan if
in case you haven't noticed how much i love relient k--although i'm a lot more chill about it now, and less stupid-crazy-teen about it--they're my favorite band. and this account perfectly captures obscure references to songs, band member bdays, and upcoming concerts. (i'm partial though, because it's my sister who runs it. also here is how she got asked to prom:)

what are some of your twitter favorites?

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