hospitality: 3 goals

hospitality is something devin and i have been trying to get better at, especially now that our house has walls and there aren't tools/6 inches of sawdust decorating the furniture.

we've hosted 4th of july bbqs, movie nights, my graduation party, and bonfires--but being hospitable is a hard balance to achieve. either i'm really involved in spending time with the friends/family that are over and am totally oblivious to the needs of other people, or i'm frantically trying to make sure the plastic forks are well stocked while i kick away the tumbleweed of dog hair that's lurking around the table despite having vacuumed for an hour before people arrived!

if i had to make myself a to-do list for being hospitable, it would go like this...

//1// focus on people. the house won't be perfectly clean, but what's important is enjoying time with the people around you.

//2// put out food that takes care of itself. kind of like focusing on spending time with people, this will free you up from having to worry about keeping food the right temperature. a crockpot or two (borrowed from family), this tray, an extra bag of chips next to the bowl so anyone can refill it, or a little chalkboard near the cooler that says extra drinks are in the fridge.

//3// let yourself be used by God. having people over isn't so you can entertain them, it's so you can bless others and fellowship! (my husband would laugh at me if i said that outloud, but then he would agree despite my dorky wording.)

what are your goals for being hospitable? 

this month i'm linking up with betsy and the peony project!

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