diy watercolor art

on memorial day, devin and i played an intense game of family baseball with the hoods (think sliding into bases, shouting out! at the top of your lungs, talking trash, buying icecream afterwards, etc.) after baseball came the most glorious nap, and after my nap i was like ALRIGHT WORLD LET'S GO. but since devin still wanted to relax, i grabbed some paper and my $4 paints to self-entertain. i'm five. i know.

i painted parallel lines, tried some ombre (but with watercolors it's so different than with acrylics!), and then decided to (lamely attempt) hand-lettering/writing a portion from the psalms that i had just been reading that morning.

my tips for making watercolor wall art:

//1// pick a simple pattern. the blue streaks was something easy to do over and over, and i varied the amount of paint/water on my brush with each stroke. painting straight-ish lines was an easy pattern to keep up!

//2// once it's completely dry, lay something heavy on the paper to flatten it. i skipped this step, and as you can probably tell, the paint/water made the paper curl and become wavy.

//3// sketch out your lettering and phrases on a scrap piece of paper, and then use a pencil to sketch them onto the painted paper. i erased a TON because i messed up the spacing so many times. if i had started with a sharpie right away, it would have been over really quickly.

what have you been up to recently? any fun projects? 

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