5 songs to liven your morning commute

sometimes those same 6 songs that you listen to on your ride to work just don't cut it anymore. and sometimes the obnoxious radio hosts ruin any chance of listening to today's top 40 as they ramble on about how to see if your boyfriend is cheating on you. and, sometimes, if you're like me, you don't have the time to go find new music. so here ya go, you're welcome.

//1// my dear by bethel music & hunter thompson. fasten your seatbelt because this love song's got the funky banjo strings and a fast tempo. aka perfect.

//2// rolling down the hill by born cages. i think this was a free song on itunes one week--and it's SO good. catchy and alternative and i accidentally listened to it on repeat for 20 minutes without realizing it because was that good. (also i was REAL distracted).

//3// sweet little something by forever in your mind. it's got that joshua radin/peppy sound that is not too in-your-face and intense for a morning commute.

//4// high on tulsa heat by john moreland. it's melodic and acoustic, and if you're already tired it might not be a good one to put on, but if you want to slowly get into the groove for work this will be a winner! plus, it's free on itunes this week!

//5// lose yourself  originally by eminem but a cover by jenny and tyler. have you ever heard an acoustic harmony of a rap song? yeah, me either. i saw them perform at gordon and have loved them ever since! they are so precious.

*and a bonus chill song: all the pretty girls by kaleo. also the free song on itunes this week!

what have you been listening to lately?

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