married for...3 years already?!


can you believe it's been 3 years?! 3 years is such a long time if you're trying to train a dog not to jump on the couches, or if you're trying beat someone in a game of horse shoes, or if you're trying to finish a lesson plan.

but 3 years of marriage ISN'T ACTUALLY that long--time flies when you're having fun, right? it feels like yesterday we just celebrated two years of marriage, and only a few weeks ago that we celebrated our one year anniversary

this past year, i got my first full-time teaching job, and you made our house look almost-finished. we started going to a new church, and got plugged in to an amazing small group! jake grew up and became a little less crazy, we went camping, you learned how to say "el hombre corre" en español, and we traveled to south carolina for the first time ever. it's been a huge year, where God has changed and softened our hearts and made us more like him. 

i can't wait to see where Jesus leads us in the upcoming year! #fourthyearofmarriage

i love you, devin.
love, julie

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