a nc wedding & reflections

devin and i headed 9 hours south for his friend's wedding in nc over easter weekend. they ended up with glorrrrriousss weather (so much so that i got sunburn!) and it was such a beautiful time together as a couple and also a beautiful time seeing what God is doing in friends' lives.

(left: a budding tree from a walk Devin and i took in NC // right: the lovely center piece from the wedding

at the rehearsal dinner, hosted in a beautiful old bed and breakfast, the groom's mom opened the floor up for sharing stories about her son and his soon-to-be-bride. this hour--two hours?--blew me away. in each comical story--about the groom's conversations with his brother, convincing his friends to jump off cliffs on a shaky ropeswing, etc.--it was so clear that he is compassionate and loves people. devin and i had only met his bride once, and so it was really fun to hear stories from her friend since kindergarten, roommate from college, and other family members. as her one roommate talked, sharing how the girl was such a patient listener and godly influence, it became even clearer: both of these people, about to get married, really value people. they aren't jaded, cynical, and cold (like i can be). they are kind to others, reaching out and showing God's love to people not out of obligation, but because they want to!

it's so easy to fall back on sarcasm. to mock someone who irritates you. to assume the worst about someone.

and it's not optimism that they have! Jesus doesn't call us to be blindly optimistic in the face of cynicism--he calls us to be compassionate. when Jesus saw the crowds of people, he wasn't annoyed by their timing or disgusted with their sin: he had compassion on them (go read matthew 9!). i was so challenged by the stories shared about the bride and groom, and that's the same challenge i'll share here: 

let Jesus wash you afresh with his love and compassion for others. 

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