sunday breakfast roundup: creative breakfast ideas!

*all pictures used by permission
sunday morning at our house is usually one of two things, church at 11 am being the given:

option a: i wake up suuuper early, lay in bed, try not to wake devin up, play on my phone, get bored, and go putz around in the kitchen. (can people under 70 say putz?)

option b: devin and i sleep in/stay in bed until all of a sudden we have 30 minutes to get dressed, run to dunkin donuts, and do the 5 minute drive to church in 30 seconds (#rebels #whatsaspeedlimit)

so, if you ever find yourself looking for good breakfast options on a sunday morning (or a saturday! or whatever day! breakfast errday!), here are a few ideas to get creative, so it's not pancakes all the time (which sometimes, for us, it is. but at least then we aren't spending money at dunks, right?).


when you're looking for creative-spicy-tex-mex-etc: 
spicy baked huevos rancheros, from anna at rich as kings (side-note: this lovely blogger is a fellow philly blogger--go check her out!)

ingredients: olive oil, white onion, green bell pepper, clove garlic, hot chili powder, cumin, sea salt, cayenne pepper, can fire-roasted tomatoes (crushed, diced, or whole), chicken broth, cilantro

when you're in a rush and need some energy: 

ingredients: red russet potatoes, eggs, sweet peppers, sweet onions, olive oil, garlic powder, cayenne peper, salt, pepper & shredded cheese

when you want pancakes...but not the boring kind! 

ingredients: rolled oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, applesauce, vanilla, egg, butter, milk & honey

when you need something made in advance:

ingredients: uncooked rolled oats (not instant!), milk, chia seeds, fruit, sugar, & greek yogurt

these lovely bloggers are part of the peony project, and when i asked for breakfast recipe ideas, these lovely bloggers (and more!) offered their recipes. stay tuned for the rest of the great list of breakfast ideas. 

what's your go-to breakfast recipe? 

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