aqua breeze: bedroom color update

we were so excited to paint the downstairs, slowly and room by room as we finished sheetrocking and spackling each wall. now, we are feelin established, because last weekend we repainted a room that already had paint!

before you assume we needlessly repainted our room, i'll clue you in on a few things that don't go well together: yellow walls and a greasy dog. jake would always lay in one corner, and he had stained that side of the room with his...dogginess? whatever. we couldn't scrub it off, plus we found a home depot giftcard, plus we had a free saturday.

here's how it went down:

we picked aqua breeze (inspired by this and this) for a beachy, light, and brighter solution to the grimy yellow.

and it turned out like this: 


check out what the room used to look like...spoiler alert, it involved a lot less of a finished room!

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