vegetarian spring salad

i'm not a vegetarian, but defrosting meat sometimes takes forever....unless you're someone who plans their dinner ahead of time, in which case i highly respect you and can you teach me your ways...

and on the nights when you need something relatively easy (or meatless), this is the salad for you. although my usual disclaimer is that i don't measure anything, so when reading this "recipe" do whatever you want!

you need:
2-3 eggs
whole wheat pasta
green pepper
half a green apple (or a full one?! #yolo)
sharp cheddar cheese
dressing (i used bacon ranch. is there even another kind of dressing?!)

what to do:
//1// start that pasta cookin! and hard-boil the eggs. separately, i recommend.

//2// chop the carrots, green pepper, and an apple. if you add half an apple, you can save the other half for dipping in carmel for dessert. or you could just eat it while you cook.

//3// grate or crumble the sharp cheddar.

//4// mix the cooked pasta, hard-boiled eggs, and chopped ingredients together in a large bowl. drizzle the mixture with your dressing, and mix that around. sprinkle your sharp cheddar on top, and there ya go!

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