7 things my students have asked me

"kids say the darndest things" is something only said by the crowd that remembers the Depression first-hand. but feel free to add me to that list because i'm ready to use that phrase, thanks to the questions (and statements, since #3 and #4 are more of observations...) i've fielded from some of the high schoolers i teach! 

my reaction to every single statement: laughter. 

how did they come up with some of these, i'll never know. 

//1// how old are you?
older than you...? young enough to not want to tell you the year i was born/year i graduated high school/my actual age...?

//2// has your husband ever seen you cry?
better question. has he ever seen me when i'm not crying? aka yes, young friend. he has. like errday because my emotions are wild and i blame my chromosomes for that. 

//3// you look like a librarian today.
....um. what? so i should be less confident in this top knot bun thing that i tried? because i kinda liked it...

//4// you dressed your age today!
but you don't know how old i am. so....

//5// do we have to take the final? 
yes. always yes. 

//6// does that trash truck driver make more than you? 
probably. next time i'll make sure i don't have the classroom windows open next time he drives down the block so that you won't get distracted/run down that rabbit trail of salary comparisons. also, almost everybody makes more than me. but it's not about that. 

//7// how many years have you been teaching? 
like my answer to #1, not long enough to tell you how long, and now let me cite every student-teaching, classroom-experience i've ever had without letting on that no, i wasn't the primary teacher of those classes. 

this commentary makes life more interesting, even when i'd rather they be speaking in spanish about the food groups that should be written on their papers by now... and also, i only started making this list in january. so watch out for the next few month's list of preposterous things said to me. i'm sure by june i'll have another list of winning questions ;)

have kids--young or not--asked you funny questions before?

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