DIY frame upgrade // part 2

making decorations is the best! i tried out some decoration ideas when i made personalized chalkboards as christmas gifts for my friends and when christie and i created ombre canvas art

have you seen the DIY frame upgrade part 1? i grabbed some mismatched frames and painted them white with old ceiling paint we had laying around. finally, i decided exactly how i wanted to use them.

i bought some $3 water colors (for children. i know. but it works!) and went to work. on regular printer paper (again, super creative) i practiced mr. and mrs. in script and finally got the final product the way i wanted it. then, with devin’s help, we strung thin wire through a length of clothesline rope.

we decided to hang them above our bed (see below). i'm not sold on the placement, but i was so annoying with directing devin on where to hang them (shift a little to the right! up more! ok, now move the other one to the left) that they are staying where they are. for now. ;)

since the clothesline was from my grandmother and the paint/nails/wire we had hanging around, this project cost a grand total of $8: $5 for frames, $3 on water colors.

what projects have you been up to?

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