easy wedding updo

remember the ncwedding we went to (in adorable greensboro)? for the wedding, i decided to wear my hair up, since i wasn't going to risk my curls falling out in the 80 degree heat! for christy's wedding, i did the same hairstyle, so by this time, i had perfected it. 

what you need:
--bobby pins (find the grippy kind that have rivets on the insides)
--a hair tie, ideally one the same color as your hair
--curling iron (i used this curling wand)
--hair spray (i have literally only ever used tressemme, and whenever i spray it, devin says i smell like prom. Adorable, i know)

what to do:
//1// curl your hair, and spray the curls with enough hairspray to help the curls hold, but not enough that they become the crunchy sprigs that you used to love in 7th grade.

//2// section off a few curls from each side of your face.

//3// pull the back portion of your hair into a low, loose, messy bun. i put my bun off to the right side a bit. at this point you should look like an orthodox jew: a few curls on each side of your face, and the rest loosely pulled back.

//4// take a curl or 2 from one side and wrap it around the messy bun, pinning it securely in place.

//5// repeat on each side until all your orthodox-jew-curls have been wrapped around the messy bun.

//6// pull a few smaller strands out to loosen up the look, and voila! you're done!

since devin was in the wedding party, i was at a table with perfect strangers at the reception and i became fast friends with them—especially when the young mom said she was sitting behind me during the ceremony and loved my intricate updo! i quickly clarified: not intricate. messy bun, wrap strands around. done.

what's your go-to fancy hairstyle? feel free to check out the tutorial that inspired my attempts!

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