my reverse bucket list

reverse bucket list? what? that's right. it's not a list of things i'd like to do in my lifetime--it's a list of things i've already done! here we go.

so far, i have....

//1// gone to the same high school as benjamin netanyahu and reggie jackson. (ok, it's not exactly an accomplishment of mine, but it's true!)

//2// hiked a 14-er. when visiting my family in colorado, we all went hiking and got to the peak of a 14,000-foot mountain! the spirit of extreme honesty, we started at 12, 000 feet. although that thin-aired hike still kicked my butt.

//3// gone to mexico--twice! once when i was twelve and knew 4 words in spanish, and once during college when i was thankfully more fluent ;)

my "host sister" and i at the top of a mountain our group hiked to

//4// played 2 seasons of college field hockey and made amazing friends! also in this season of my life i got randomly assigned the best roommate and suitemates ever.

//5// gone to 6 relient k concerts. they're my favorite. also i literally chased matt thiessen (the lead singer) down the boardwalk at atlantic city, nj.  not my proudest moment but he did stop and say hi!

//6// back-packed part of the appalacian trail for 10 days.

//7// rowed a canoe that was 800 pounds over the carrying capacity into the middle of the lake. #familyreunions #crazycousins

//8// risked getting jumped in a sketchy massachusetts town when going to get donuts at 2am from a guy who makes them from scratch (in the back of his diner) for late-night college-kid-snack-runs.

//9// got married at 20.

//10// drove an atv on dirt roads in colorado before i even had a permit!

this is my first time joining in on the circle link-up, and i am so excited! hop on over to see the other awesome lists that people have come up with :)

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