dance music recommendation: family force 5

has anyone else gone nuts to family force 5's sick beats recently? or is it just me.,.....

(also i said "sick beats" recently to my 11th graders and they about died. an old married teacher? using outdated yet totally applicable descriptions of steady, dance-ready meter?)

they're coming to lehigh university on friday, november 14, all my philly-area friends! lisa (my music-forward sister) and i already have tickets, and i'm already estimating that it'll take just 1 cup of coffee and a sweet driving playlist to get hyper on a friday night after a long workweek.

lisa and i saw them at creation, and they are so good in concert.  SO GOOD. they wear ridiculous things (in 2005 when i saw them they wore football gear, and at creation this past summer they wore thrift-store rejects and wild prints), and they do ridiculous things (like jump on trampolines in the middle of a concert--WHILE STILL SINGING--pictured below).

any favorite, wild bands you've been listening to lately? 

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