biscuits, fetch and schnuggling: jake's favorite things

i can't believe jake was ever this small when we got him in november 2012. now, 2 years later, he's 2 years old and 125 pounds.

even in this post, which i wrote in april 2013, he was huge!

having a big fluffball like jake can intimidate friends (and family, especially younger sisters....) so here's a little insight into what's he's like so that if you ever get to meet him, fear not: he's a wimp.

he will do whatever you want if you have a treat. we got a sam's club supply of milk biscuits, and he will sit, stay, come, all day long if you're holding a milkbone!

he will also do whatever you want if you're outside holding a stick. half the time he whines by the back door, it's not because he has to do his thang (aka destroy our grass with pee), but because he wants to play fetch! he'll chase stills from one end of the yard to the other for foreverrrr. who can sprint for 30 minutes straight without stopping for a drink? not me, that's for sure.

he loves to snuggle. when we first got him, we'd flop down next to him or scoop him up in our arms and go "jake loves to be schnuggled" in this RIDICULOUS voice that clearly we only use when it's just us 3. but now, he's totally trained to snuggle. when you say "snuggle," his big self will sidle right up to you and nuzzle in, because he's ready for a belly rub. devin says i made jake into a wimp, but that doesn't stop devin from schnuggling him ;) {side-note: jake LOVES this. when i took this picture, his tail was wagging nonstop!}

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